2019 Circle Advisory Team

The leadership of the officers, collectively known as the Circle Advisory Team, helps make the work of the Women’s Giving Circle possible.

2019 Circle Advisory Team:

Tracey Smiskey, Team Chair
Sue Tienor, Vice Chair
Becky Schwinefus, Circle Advisory Team Secretary
Education Team, Education and Program Team Chair
Sara Antonson, Education and Program Team Co-Chair
Jeanne Peterson, Grants Team Chair
Diane Hoadley, Grants Team Co-Chair
Lacey Logslett, Membership Outreach Team Chair
Cindy Hangartner, Membership Outreach Team Co-Chair
Theresa O’Neel, Social Media Team Chair
Jessica Martin, Social Media Team Co-Chair

Past Team Chairs:

Sarah Stokes-Herzog, 2018
Jill Prushiek, 2017
Sue McIntyre 2016
Linda Bohacek 2015
Marianne Klinkhammer 2014
Karen Homme 2013
Jackie Belka 2012
Flo Sheridan 2011
Betsy Barnes 2009 and 2010
Pamela Macal 2008
Ruth Wallace 2007