How To Apply For A Women’s Giving Circle Grant

The Women’s Giving Circle Grant Cycle is Accepting Grant Applications Until July 1! 

The Women’s Giving Circle grant cycle is NOT the same as the Eau Claire Community Foundation grant cycle.


April 1: Applications for the current year become available.
July 1: Deadline to submit WGC grant applications
Early to Mid November: Grant awards are announced.


Program Grant Eligibility and Restrictions,
Guidelines for Interpreting and Responding to Questions

WGC Eligibility Guidelines:

WGC grants will be awarded ONLY for requests of up to $6000.

(Grant requests for more than $6000 will not be considered, so please plan your application budget accordingly.)

Programs funded by WGC Grants must be implemented between January 1 and December 31 of the following year.

If an organization is funded by the Women’s Giving Circle in two consecutive years, its application will not be considered in the third year. However, it can apply again in the fourth year.

Still not sure if your program is eligible for a Women’s Giving Circle grant? Click on the chart below to see a concise summary of Women’s Giving Circle and Eau Claire Community Foundation grant eligibility criteria.

Chart – What kinds of proposals do we fund?

If you determine that your organization’s program is eligible for WGC grant funding, you can click on the “Apply for a WGC Grant” button below to get to the grant application form. The “Grant Report” button is for previous WGC grantees who are ready to submit their grant report.

You can click on the PDF version of the Women’s Giving Circle grant application if you would like to view it in its entirety: 2018 WGC Grant Application. However, all official grant applications must be submitted via the online form linked below.