WGC Spring Gathering 2019

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at the Spring Gathering on May 6. It was a special evening to hear updates from our grant recipients and our committees. Our grantees are doing tremendous work with their impactful programs.

Since 2018, the WGC has granted over $265,000 in grants to our community. Last year, at the Spring Gathering, the WGC Endowment Fund balance, was $350,000. As of March 31, 2019, the Endowment fund balance is now over $397,000!

From the Endowment, $10,910 is available for granting. Those dollars were moved from the endowment to the Women’s Giving Circle Grant Fund. This now brings the amount available to grant in 2019 to $49,976!

This would not be possible without the membership support from all of you!

2019 Circle Advisory Team

The leadership of the officers, collectively known as the Circle Advisory Team, helps make the work of the Women’s Giving Circle possible.

2019 Circle Advisory Team:

Tracey Smiskey, Team Chair
Sue Tienor, Vice Chair
Becky Schwinefus, Circle Advisory Team Secretary
Education Team, Education and Program Team Chair
Sara Antonson, Education and Program Team Co-Chair
Jeanne Peterson, Grants Team Chair
Diane Hoadley, Grants Team Co-Chair
Lacey Logslett, Membership Outreach Team Chair
Cindy Hangartner, Membership Outreach Team Co-Chair
Theresa O’Neel, Social Media Team Chair
Jessica Martin, Social Media Team Co-Chair

Past Team Chairs:

Sarah Stokes-Herzog, 2018
Jill Prushiek, 2017
Sue McIntyre 2016
Linda Bohacek 2015
Marianne Klinkhammer 2014
Karen Homme 2013
Jackie Belka 2012
Flo Sheridan 2011
Betsy Barnes 2009 and 2010
Pamela Macal 2008
Ruth Wallace 2007

2018 WGC Gift of Giving Breakfast

We had a wonderfully full house this morning to celebrate the work of 7 deserving organizations. The Gift of Giving Breakfast also resulted in 4 new members joining our circle! We are now just 5 member shy of our goal of 300 members in 2018! 

The impact that each new member adds to our collective will help us continue to support organizations like those we helped today with over $37,000 in grants.

Women’s Giving Circle Announces Grant Recipients

The Women’s Giving Circle is pleased to announce that in 2018, it’s awarding $37,250 in grants. Each grant recipient helps to fulfill the Circle’s mission of supporting women and children in the Eau Claire area. The organizations and programs the Circle has voted to fund are:

A complete history of WGC grants is available on the WGC “History of Grants” page.

The Women’s Giving Circle members pool their charitable dollars into a fund at the Eau Claire Community Foundation in order to maximize their philanthropic impact. The Circle began in 2007, when a group of over 100 Founding Members each pledged a total of $1,000 over 4 years. Today, it has over 280 members, and it continues to grow.

This year’s grant awards bring the Circle’s total grant distributions since inception to $265,203. Grantees will officially receive their awards at the Gift of Giving Breakfast, which will take place at the Florian Gardens at 7:30 am on December 5, 2018.

The Women’s Giving Circle members invite the Eau Claire community to attend this celebration of philanthropy. They also welcome new members; anyone can join the Circle at any time.

For more information about the Women’s Giving Circle, please consult the Women’s Giving Circle pageof this website and the Women’s Giving Circle Facebook page.

You can write to office@eccfwi.org, click on Gift of Giving Breakfast under our homepage’s Events Tab, or call 715-552-3801 if you’d like to RSVP for the Gift of Giving Breakfast.This entry was posted in NewsWomen’s Giving Circle and tagged GrantsWomen’s Giving Circle. Bookmark the permalink.

Women’s Giving Circle Fall Educational Event: Cyberbullying

The members of the Women’s Giving Circle, a Fund of ECCF, hosted their Fall Educational Event on Monday, Sep. 24, 2018. The topic was “Cyberbullying Education and Prevention: Responding to Adolescent Misuses of Technology and Its Effects on Children.”

Eau Claire Area School District Superintendent Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck spoke about cyberbullying as it affects children in the District as well as the District’s efforts to combat it.

Dr. Justin Patchin, a pioneer in the field of cyberbullying research, then spoke about his work and provided an array of strategies for parents to use when addressing the issue with their children.

Thanks to the work of both presenters, local families will now have an expanded toolbox to help them fight the pervasive and destructive problem of cyberbullying.

Click here for the Cyberbullying Fall Educational Event Synopsis

How To Apply For A Women’s Giving Circle Grant

The Women’s Giving Circle Grant Cycle is Accepting Grant Applications Until July 1! 

The Women’s Giving Circle grant cycle is NOT the same as the Eau Claire Community Foundation grant cycle.


April 1: Applications for the current year become available.
July 1: Deadline to submit WGC grant applications
Early to Mid November: Grant awards are announced.


Program Grant Eligibility and Restrictions,
Guidelines for Interpreting and Responding to Questions

WGC Eligibility Guidelines:

WGC grants will be awarded ONLY for requests of up to $6000.

(Grant requests for more than $6000 will not be considered, so please plan your application budget accordingly.)

Programs funded by WGC Grants must be implemented between January 1 and December 31 of the following year.

If an organization is funded by the Women’s Giving Circle in two consecutive years, its application will not be considered in the third year. However, it can apply again in the fourth year.

Still not sure if your program is eligible for a Women’s Giving Circle grant? Click on the chart below to see a concise summary of Women’s Giving Circle and Eau Claire Community Foundation grant eligibility criteria.

Chart – What kinds of proposals do we fund?

If you determine that your organization’s program is eligible for WGC grant funding, you can click on the “Apply for a WGC Grant” button below to get to the grant application form. The “Grant Report” button is for previous WGC grantees who are ready to submit their grant report.

You can click on the PDF version of the Women’s Giving Circle grant application if you would like to view it in its entirety: 2018 WGC Grant Application. However, all official grant applications must be submitted via the online form linked below.